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Zain Bhikha Studios is a non-profit organisation that seeks to bring people closer to Allah through creative expression. We do this by creating inspiring content and inspiring and supporting others to create.

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Cotton Candy Sky

  1. Cotton Candy Sky
  2. The Monkey, The Cow and The Wolf
  3. King of Medina
  4. Ramadhaan, We Are One
  5. Get Up Again (feat. Khalil Ismail)
  6. If I Had A Boat
  7. The Farewell Sermon
  8. The Stilness of the Mosque
  9. Get Up Again feat. Alkebulaun
  10. Dare to Believe
  11. See You Soon
  12. Everything Belongs To Allah

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Zain Bhikha Studios works with artists, creatives and institutions to promote the art of creative expression. Collaborate with us, animate for us or let us produce a track for you.

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