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Zain Bhikha Studios is a registered non-profit in South Africa, that seeks to help people get closer to their Creator through creative expression. All funds received are used to create more content or support other artists, creatives and charities.

You can also contribute directly to our Waqf, to ensure that Zain Bhikha Studios will continue to create much need content in the years to come.

Money is donated into a Waqf fund. Donations can be made at any time.

Money in the Waqf fund is then invested in shariah compliant investments.

Profits are used to run Zain Bhikha Studios NPC: Creating content and supporting other creatives.

Collaborate With Us

Let’s collaborate! We are constantly partnering and collaborating to access new audiences and create new and exciting content with anyone who is aligned with our vision. We strive to ensure that every collaboration is mutually beneficial, and delivers maximum impact for all collaborators involved.

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