"That Moment He Smiled" is the latest single from Zain Bhikha's highly acclaimed album, "The Passing Traveller'. This poignant, heartfelt song, probably one of Zain's best written songs, speaks about the last days of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and how He drew back His curtain to watch those He loved, praying. They say His face was intensely illuminating and there was nothing more beautiful than His face on that day. And then He smiled...

This song is exceptionally touching and every listener yearns to see the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) smile.



'Allah Made Everything', the latest single from Zain Bhikha's brand new album "The Passing Traveller" - a fun filled, children's song that reminds us that whilst all of creation recognises Allah as their Creator, it is only us as human beings who forget at times of our Lord, to whom we will all return someday. This video features the amazing actor and comedian, Omar Regan and learners from Islamia College Cape Town.



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