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The Passing Traveller

The title, “The Passing Traveller’, seems to epitomize the feel of album as whole. It highlights our purpose on Earth as traveller’s towards an ultimate destination that is one with our maker. In fact, the track under the same name is so inspiring; it will move even the most ardent of hearts.

The entire album serves to delight, and in true Zain Bhikha style, has songs that will garner the interest of all. Children will surely love ‘Ca Ce La Vie’ and ‘Allah made Everything’, whilst fans will surely be drawn to the powerful concept and imagery of ‘Allah Remains’, which was composed with Zain’s dear friend Dawud Wharnsby. Finally, as we reflect upon our Life’s purpose, smile, cry and rejoice in being Passing Travellers, we come to ‘Hasbunallah’, which teaches, as this album does, that Allah is enough and all that we ever need.

Song List

  1. Allah made Everything
  2. Allah Remains
  3. Ca C’est La Vie
  4. Close your Eyes
  5. Free
  6. Hasbun’Allah
  7. Land of Revelation
  8. That Moment He Smiled
  9. The Passing Traveller

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