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Our World

With his popularity rising and live performances around the globe, Zain Bhikha released Our Worldin 2002.

This album is a portrayal of the diversity of mankind and the richness of all cultures, languages and traditions that are united through the Will of God. Zain’s eldest son, Rashid’s, melodic voice is introduced to us on this album. The title track Our World has been used by many production companies over the years and is a song that has been adopted by many world peace organizations. Other favorites from Our World are the heartfelt track Salaamun Salaam with Khalid Berhlouzi, Selewaat with Malaysian group Raihaan and Orphan Child.

Song List

  1. Allah hu Allah
  2. Demedim Mi (feat.Hasan Kilicatan)
  3. Months in islam
  4. Orphan Child
  5. Our World
  6. Praise to the Prophet SAW
  7. Prayers on Ibrahim
    Salaamun Salam (feat. Khalid Belrhouzi)
  8. Selawat
  9. Spread the word
  10. Time
  11. We are your servants


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