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Mountains of Makkah

With the birth of the new company came the first album to be produced under the Zain Bhikha Studios label, Mountains of Makkah (2005).

This album was inspired by Zain’s pilgrimage to Makkah in 2004. Both the content and composition of this album have been praised for showing a maturity and a stronger definition of Zain’s unique voice. The lyrics are a reflection of his thoughts and feelings while partaking on the profound spiritual journey of the Hajj. Mountains of Makkah is still amongst the most popular Nasheed CD’S ever released. Undoubtedly it remains one of Zain’s most powerful albums. There is hardly a muslim the world over that does not know Zain Bhikha’s Mountains of Makkah.

Song List

  1. City of Medina
  2. Forgive me when I
  3. Whine
  4. Heart of a Muslim
  5. Here I Am
  6. Labbaik
  7. Mountains of Makkah
  8. O Lord
  9. Sabr and Shukr
  10. Shaitaan
  11. The Journey


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