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Allah Knows

Most of Zain’s songs are inspired, written and composed through personal experiences and feelings.

This is especially true of the heartfelt lyrics that resonate throughout his album following Mountains of Makkah. Allah Knows was released in 2006 as a tribute to his eldest son, Rashid. It is dedicated to the journey of children into young adults and is an album for the young (and young at heart) Allah Knows features the musical talents of Dawud Wharnsby, Abdul-Malik Ahmad and Rashid Bhikha in his first ever rap song Can’t You See. In addition the album also introduces Naadira Alli and Zain’s second-born, Muhammad Bhikha who made his recording debut on this album. The album is a collection of songs to help the youth through the early mysteries of life and the social challenges that present themselves.

Allah Knows has become iconic for its lyrics which resonate with people regardless of race or faith. My mum is Amazing, is one of Zain’s personal favorites of all his songs. This album also sparked the beginning of beautifully shot videos that have become a signature of Zain Bhikha’s music.

Song List

  1. A Childs Prayer
  2. Allah Knows
  3. Can’t you see
  4. Can’t take it with you
  5. Deen il Islam
  6. Flowers are Red
  7. Lay down your head
  8. My mum is Amazing
  9. Pizza in his pocket
  10. Slowly Slow

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