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25 Years: The Best of Zain Bhikha

For over twenty-five years, Zain Bhikha has remained amongst the most iconic Islamic singers, inspiring fans the world over with his messages of upliftment and God-consciousness.

This Best of Zain Bhikha album features 30 of his most beloved classics, with every track digitally remastered for the best listening experience.

Song List

  1. Give Thanks to Allah
  2. Praise to the Prophet (Pbuh)
  3. I Remember Your Smile
  4. Fortunate Is He
  5. Eid-Un Sa’eid
  6. A Is for Allah
  7. Wonderful World (feat. Dawud Wharnsby)
  8. Mount Hira
  9. Our World
  10. Orphan Child
  11. Mountains of Makkah
  12. City of Medina
  13. Heart of a Muslim
  14. My Mum Is Amazing
  15. Slowly Slow
  16. Allah Knows (feat. Dawud Wharnsby)
  17. Can’t Take It with You (feat. Dawud Wharnsby & Abdul Malik Ahmad)
  18. Zamilooni
  19. Mum and Dad
  20. Who I Am (feat. Abdul Malik Ahmad)
  21. One God (feat. Khalil Ismail)
  22. First We Need the Love (feat. Rashid Bhikha)
  23. Someday
  24. Land of Revelation
  25. Ca C’est La Vie
  26. Hasbun’allah
  27. The Passing Traveller
  28. Allah Made Everything
  29. Cotton Candy Sky
  30. Everything Belongs to Allah

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