Songs of a Soul

The sounds of Zain Bhikha are legendary. They are synonymous with Faith, Hope and the need for global peace. Commemorating twenty years, Songs of a Soul captures the best of Zain Bhikha as voted by the fans.

The CD’s are a timeline of memories that have shaped his work and have made him one of the most beloved nasheed artists of all times. Highlights of the CD are old favorites such as Mountains of Makkah, Allah Knowsand Zamilooni. However, his collaborations with long-time friends and fellow artists, Dawud Wharnsby, Khalid Belrhouzi and Khalil Ismail have also resulted in the outstanding new release Someday that will leave you with goose bumps. Also new, are King of the Worldand From Within. They capture Zain in the present and give the message of thanks and love that he feels after all these years.

Songs of a Soul- the DVD release, is unique in that it contains a triple disc with all Zain’s videos, a live show and an inspiring documentary that give insight to this artist who has touched the lives of millions of fans for the past twenty years.

Song List

  1. From Within
  2. Give Thanks to Allah
  3. I Remember Your Smile
  4. Mum and Dad
  5. Mount Hira
  6. A is for Allah
  7. Glory be to Allah (feat.
  8. Dawud Wharnsby Ali)
  9. Wonderful World (feat. Dawud Wharnsby Ali)
  10. Allah Knows
  11. Orphan Child
  12. Salaamun Salam (feat. Khalid Belrhouzi)
  13. Allah’s Grace
  14. Mountains of Makkah
  15. Slowly Slow
  16. Heartbeat – feat. Rashid
  17. Bhikha and Khalil Ismail
  18. First We Need the Love – feat. Rashid Bhikha
  19. My Mum Is Amazing
  20. Zamilooni
  21. Who I Am
  22. Better Day
  23. Someday
  24. King of the World

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