In 2011, Zain produced Hope, an album that has a contemporary, urban mix with a strong resonance of African culture.

The array of songs addresses various issues of humanity, that inspire a sense of positivity and Hope. Zain worked with some impressive local and international talents, including his 18-year old son Rashid. Other artists include American rapper Khalil Ismail, Fadi Tolbi of the Middle East and Canadian-born Dawud Wharnsby.

Songs on the Hope album took over three years to compose and produce. They include One God, in the traditional Nasheed style characteristic of Zain, a remake of Michael Jackson’s Heal the World, with a South African twist and Guantanamo Bay. The album also includes a beautiful a tribute to women through the Woman I love, which speaks of three different roles that women play in a man’s life that of mother, wife and daughter.

Song List

  1. Broken – feat. Rashid Bhikha
  2. C’mon Everybody
  3. Ellahi – feat. Fadi Tolbi
  4. First We Need the Love – feat. Rashid Bhikha
  5. Guantanamo Bay – feat. Dawud Wharnsby
  6. Heal the World
  7. Heartbeat – feat. Rashid Bhikha and Khalil Ismail
  8. Muhammad (PBUH) – feat. Khalil Ismail
  9. One God – feat. Khalil Ismail
  10. Sizomkhonz U’Allah– feat. Masakhane Girls School
  11. The Woman I Love
  12. Thula Sizwe

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